Many people with high incomes are seeking to move to another country or obtain another nationality because of restrictions or uncertainties in their own country, but they remain anxious about the rights they will have and how to protect their assets. For many years, GAWM’s experts have successfully assisted its clients in obtaining American, Canadian, and several European nationalities. Having multiple citizenships also facilitates the mobility of the funds and broadens investment opportunities. Our experts can support you in making financial planning that integrates your current and future nationalities.

Entrepreneurs are the first investors in their companies. As such, they often have difficult decisions to contend with. Merge or acquire? Sell the company or find a partner with whom to form a group. We can help you answer complex questions such as: What is the value of my company? Which companies could I approach in a merger/acquisition? How can the operational costs of such an operation be optimized? Whatever the answers to these questions, our experts can be your agents, represent you, or act as an impartial third party in all transactions. 

We offer you a free and independent review of your current financial position when you become our valued client. We will assess the performance and suitability of all your existing investments: investments offshore, savings onshore, frozen pensions, – everything will be scrutinized for its ongoing appropriateness for your current portfolio. If ever we determine that an element of your portfolio could perform better if transferred elsewhere, we will give you advice and assist you practically to make arrangements to move or transfer funds or invested assets, taking the hassle out of managing the performance of your wealth.

We are offshore investment specialists. Considering your personal financial objectives and your risk tolerance, we can help you invest offshore to leverage the multiple benefits available from international investment diversification.

We work to ensure you benefit from the many offshore advantages, which may include:

  • Tax efficiency
  • Investment diversification options
  • Inheritance planning assistance
  • Access to premier offshore financial centres offering the very best levels of investor protection
  • Confidentiality and privacy benefits