A sophisticated approach thanks to advanced tools

Grand Aster Wealth Management holistic approach synchronizes your entire financial life. As your needs become more complex, sophisticated advice and a tailored approach become even more essential.

Real Estate projects

Invested across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, we manage assets across all key sectors: office, retail, industrial/logistics, housing and commercial real estate debt.

Investment accounts

Our asset-backed security (ABS) are a financial securities collateralized by a pool of assets closely chosen by our financial experts such as loans, leases, credit card debt, royalties or receivables.

Innovative Instruments

Cryptographic assets and precious metal-backed tokens are just some of the new financial products that have emerged in recent years. We can ensure that you can benefit from these new instruments.

Equity and Venturing

Yo no longer have to invest your capital alone in a high potential private project. We build communities of investors and help them from Due Diligence to the Commitment Letter.


No sector can escape the digital disruption, especially not investment banking. We provide our clients with innovative solutions to ensure the growth of their assets and business.

You are thinking about your children and loved ones, about what you can transmit to them. So do we. That’s why we have put together the best instruments to make them available to you in a simple way.